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Dr. Helva provides a full spectrum of gynecologic services including minimally invasive laparoscopic hysterectomies, robot-assisted surgeries, bladder sling surgeries, outpatient minimally invasive surgical cure of heavy periods, diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis and painful menstrual cycles, myomectomies, tubal ligations, tubal microscopic reanastomosis, contraception, wellness exams, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), PMS management (when hormones take charge of your life), and more.


Treatment for Heavy Periods

If you are having prolonged, heavy and painful periods effecting your busy life, and disabling you, a 15 minute outpatient surgery (Endometrial Ablation) will return you back to your activities promptly with minimal complications and excellent results.



We provide hysterectomy procedures, either same day or overnight stay (this is called 23 hour stay which, for insurance purposes, costs the same as outpatient surgery). This laparoscopic hysterectomy procedure is performed with 3 small incisions (LSH, LTH), or 5 small incisions (Robot-Assisted LSH/LTH), with quick, almost painless recovery. Afterward, you will return to your normal routine to enjoy life without the problems caused by the diseased pelvic organs.


Abnormal PAP Smear Management

Management of abnormal PAP smears has become easier with the use of “Reflex HPV testing.” This testing decreases unnecessary treatments, especially in younger women. When needed, we perform in-office diagnosis (Colposcopy) and treatment of cervical changes (Cryo-surgery, LEEP, ASC-US, Dysplasia, Cancer) and medical treatment of genital warts. We also offer the HPV vaccination which prevents cervical cancer.


Treatment of Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain can be a disabling problem and may result from any variety of reasons. The most common causes are ovarian cysts (which may also be benign, pre-malignant, or malignant), endometriosis, pelvic organ adhesions, or uterine or ovarian tumors (which may be benign or malignant). Proper diagnosis and prompt treatment is very important to preserve fertility and prevent cancer. Dr. Helva may utilize one or more of the following technologies to attain a diagnosis: in-office examination, ultrasound, blood test and/or an outpatient diagnostic laparoscopy which provides a view of the pelvic organs with a tiny scope camera.


With over 45 years of clinical experience in USA and Europe, Dr. Helva will offer you the best treatment for your condition, whether surgical or non-surgical. All diagnostic and treatment options will be thoroughly discussed with you prior to the procedure.

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